Celbrations of Life Pet Photography

Dignified, loving End of Life Pet Services

As a lifelong pet owner, I have suffered the loss no one ever wants to face; the unexpected loss of a beloved member of our family and my hearts joy-I regret not being able to capture my furbaby's last happy days before it was too late-so as a result of my loss, I now offer pet photography for animals that have received an unexpected terminal diagnosis or are just experiencing their last good days. If your beloved pet is in declining health, please reach out to schedule a Last Best Day session. Terminal sessions are complimentary-Ever owner deserves to have beautiful images of their babies.


Terminal Diagnosis-End of Life


If your pet has received a terminal diagnosis or is in a situation of immediate or impending death, I provide complimentary services.

Aging Pet-Heritage Session


If your pet has not received a terminal diagnosis, but is getting older and you would like to capture moments of you together while they are still happy and healthy, I offer a discounted session.