February 19, 2023

First Senior Portrait session of 2023

Senior Session with Kaitlyn

Cheers to the Class of 2023

Graduation season is upon us, or at least, quickly spiraling toward all Seniors, Graduates and the parents of graduating kids throughout America. Spring Semester of your last year in High School, or even College, is no joke-There are so many items on the to-do checklist-It's hard to keep track without going a little crazy. As the mom of a member of the Class of 2023, I am not looking forward to everything we have to do over the next couple of months!

One thing that often gets pushed off until last minute here in the Borderland is Senior Portraits-We kind of have that Laissez-Faire attitude towards senior portraits and then before you know it, you realize you should have booked months ago, the photographer you want is all booked up, and that you needed to send out announcements and invitations like yesterday. We've all been there. It happens. But it doesn't have to-You could be like Kaitlyn here who originally booked in October but due to weather, had her first of two sessions in January! Her next session will be after Cap and gowns are distributed at her High School.

We had a great time at Kaitlyn's session, the weather was absolutely perfect with just a slight breeze and we played in one of my favorite urban locations for senior portraits. We even broke out a smoke bomb in Kaitlyn's favorite color for some added fun! See some of the beautiful images we captured below!

Check out my Recomendations for a FUN and Flawless session Below!

The Top 4 Things You Can Do To Ensure a Great Senior Portrait Experience!

Communication is Key

It's probably true that your mom booked your session and you may or might not be excited to take photos. Its more likely that you care if you look good-if the pictures are great, you'll probably snap them to friends or put them on your stories. Great pictures are a result of a few things, but Communication with your photographer is Key-Take the time to fill out the questionnaire, and for the love of Crumbl cookies, be detailed. The more information you share with me, the better-I really do want to get to know you. Send me the photos of your outfits (that will be explained next)-Heck, take me shopping on Facetime if you are getting new clothes! The Key is-The more you stay in touch and communicate, the better the planning stage of your session goes!

Use the Style Guide

As your session date approaches, you will receive a style guide from me that walks you through helpful tips on the types of outfits to select, as well as those last-minute reminders about hair, skin and nails. I also encourage you to share your outfit selections with your me-Use my expertise to help get the most out of your outfits! After all you'd be amazed at how adding a removable layer, like a cute denim jacket or sweater can actually extend how many looks you achieve during your session. When all else fails, Remember, RULE #1- communicate with your photographer.

Incorporate pieces of YOU!

This is your session-These are your memories. These will be the images you look back on over the years and gush over, so let's make them tell the story of you! Want to bring a friend-Do it! Love your car and want some fun images with you in the driver seat-Let's go! Play a sport and want to capture memories that showcase your skills, I'll meet you at the field or on the Court. The Point is-What sets me apart from the rest is that I want to focus on what makes you, YOU! ( But we will still get those pictures that your mom wants, too!)

Have Fun

Last, but not least-Plan to have some fun! I always have Seniors who show up a little nervous at first-After all, it is probably the first time you've had a camera focused solely on you and let's face it, that's a lot of pressure! Don't worry! We will talk, laugh, and capture authentic moments and when we do have posed moments, I will walk you through every step. I like to joke around, often bringing props like balloons, smoke bombs and confetti, so we will have fun-I promise.

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